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Authors: Junzo Kuroda , Momoyo Kaijima, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto   A guide book to the unique modernity of Tokyo’s urban space through the architecture that architects would like to forget. Born of a functional need rather than aesthetic ideal, golf range nets span spaghetti snack bars and a host of 70 other remarkable combinations are pictured and described in …

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short wikipedia description: Jean-Thomas “Tomi” Ungerer (born 28 November 1931)[1] is an award-winning illustrator and a trilingual author. He has published over 140 books ranging from his much loved children’s books to his controversial adult work. He is famous for his sharp social satire and his witty aphorisms and he ranges from the fantastic to the autobiographical. …

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An enduring obsession! Mycologist Paul Stamets describes how mushooms can save the world. Watch his TED video here.


‘Stamets believes that we can solve major problems through figuring out how to coexist with fungus. He asks us to think about mycelium – it holds soil togehter, holding 30,000 times its mass. It’s a powerful tool for disassembly, turning material into humus and soil.’ (source website-accessed december 2, 2012)


City X.0: urban formations of the evolving Internet

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